Parent to Parent Trainings

Parent to Parent: Family Training on ADHD is a multi-session interactive and educational program for adults and parents of children and adolescents with ADHD. It is a 2-hour course taught once a week for 7 consecutive weeks for a total of 14 hours of instruction.

The class series provides scientifically researched, evidence-based educational information and support for families who are dealing with ADHD and learning to navigate its many challenges. Teachers and professionals are also welcome to attend.The class also includes a comprehensive resource handbook for each participant.

The topics covered are:
1. Overview of ADHD
2. Assessment to Multimodal Treatment
3. Behavior Management Part 1: Developing Parenting     Strategies and Positive Behavior Interventions
4. Behavior Management Part 2: Developing Parenting     Strategies and Positive Behavior Interventions
5. Educational Rights for your Child with ADHD
6. Building an Education Team: Bridging the Gap Between     Home and School
7. Resiliency, Teen Challenges and Future Success

The cost for the class series is $80 per couple.

Please make checks payable to CHADD of Utah.


Parent to Parent Training 

2020-2021 Schedule

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Parent to Parent Training

El programa de Padre a Padre, entrenamiento el TDAH para familias, ahora está disponible en el condado de Salt Lake. 
Llame a Lorena Layser al 801-791-7621 o a Julia Moreno al 801-272-1051 (Centro del padre de Utah) o al 801-867-2375 para información de la fecha de clases y la hubicación.




Do you want a Parent to Parent Training to be held in your area?

A class will be organized locally when at least 20 participants are interested in taking the course. Please contact us to find out more.


Teacher to Teacher Trainings

Available through CHADD National.


Continuing Education for Professionals

Available through CHADD National.